Daughter of Darkness: A Work in Progress

Hi all,

I thought by now that I would be releasing Book III in the Darkness in the Midst series, however, plans don't always work out. I haven't had much time to write. Something inevitably comes up or I just plain don't feel like writing. The struggle is real, people.

The good news is that 80-85% of the book is written. And the other 15-20% is written in my head, so to speak. All in all, I'm looking at a release in the new year. I have this strange fear of Game of Thrones-ing all of it though. I feel like it will be the last book for Cadda's story and I really don't want to rush it. I want to give it the ending it deserves. Once it's written, I'll let it sit a while and see if it's ready to go. The first books were a long process of writing, editing, polishing and re-writing, but I am confident this one can be done by 2020.

Also, I got a really cool cover done for it already. My go to cover artist, Leticia G.S., has really captured the essence of Daughter of Darkness. Here is the animated version:

Awesome, right?

And because I'm nice, here's a bit of chapter 1 (raw, un-edited, and probably not the final version).

The rising of the sun drove me to solitude. For seven days, I met each dawn by bathing in the ice waters of the stream beyond the marauders’ camp. It was to there I crept. The sentries watched me for signs I might run away and speak of their haven. So far, I’d given them no reason to turn on me. But they didn’t trust me.

And they were right, for one day, I would betray them.

Not this day, however, and not because I wanted to. I didn’t want to, not at all.

Limping from an arrow wound that hadn’t yet healed, I reached the stream. In the days past, I’d been able to kick through the ice, to submerge myself fully in the frigid waters. I’d chilled myself to the bone, turned blue, all to get rid of the filth that lay upon me.

It was a futile effort. The blood had long since been scrubbed clean, but the stain on my heart, the ruin in my blood, could never be washed away.

Still, I liked to make her angry. She complained I misused her body, squawked at the wrinkles the cold brought about, at the waste I was letting take over. I ate like a bird, if at all. She was very vain, the voice in my head.

I knelt to the stream. Loose, my hair hung straight to the hollow of my back. The locks were glossy, and contrasted in a stark way around my face, like a shadow over the moon. A natural cowl to hide my shame. I usually braided my hair, to keep it out of my way, but I’d decided it was time for a change.

My reflection stared back at me from the frozen stream, details not clear but for one difference. The irises of my eyes were orange. They hadn’t been blue for days now. A reckoning churned on the tides of fate. My life was promised to Aiia.



OMG what is happening? Are you excited? I am! Daughter of Darkness will be a little different from previous books because I introduce a few other point of views. You won't just be in Cadda's head anymore. Stay tuned to my blog/twitter/Facebook for further news (including a Kindle sale this month). Until then, stay safe, have fun, and remember to leave a review.