"I like making things up."

Joy Demers is a writer from the north, a.k.a. Canada. She is a self-proclaimed geek with a love for fantasy, certain video games, history, and crochet. By day, she works in a finance department, crunching numbers and paying bills. By night, she tries hard to stay awake and write. Joy lives with her cats in a small Canadian town.

Joy's love of writing and books started at an early age. Her mother read stories to her before bed and that planted the seed for a lifetime. As a teenager, she wrote short stories, mostly about ghosts and zombies. As an adult, she prefers writing fantasy with not much actual magical elements in it, inspired by writers such as George R.R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie. She's also a history buff and has a bachelor of arts in History, with a minor in Classical Civilization. Joy is looking forward to putting pen to paper for some historical fantasy in the future.

You can contact Joy here.