A terse lesson on the history, religion and current structure of the kingdom of Ledonia for the foreign wanderer who finds himself in this bountiful and varied realm by Father Hal Tawndry, High Priest of Wic, Keeper of Knowledge, and written in the first glorious year of the reign of His Grace, King Esmond Seyerling.

In order to enlighten persons new to this great kingdom, I, Father Hal Tawndry, High Priest of Wic and Keeper of His Knowledge, have been tasked with committing to writing certain pertinent facts which would aid in the foreigner’s understanding of this kingdom, in order that he should not perpetrate any act of unscrupulous affront to any lords, ladies or immortals forbid, the King. In this way, harmony will be kept and there shall be no need for the foreigner to claim ignorance should he insult his host and instead shall be rooted out as the arrogant outsider most foreigners seem to be.

Gods be with you,

Father Hal Tawndry
High Priest of Wic
Keeper of His Knowledge

The Long War began in the reign of Randal Seyerling. The Delphisian king, Rolf, sent a scouting party into the Ruromanni lands, intending to absorb them into the empire he dreamed of. The Ruromanni decided not to appeal to the Ledonian king, instead the treacherous allies opted to pay tribute of gold to the Delphisian king in order to keep the peace. They should have known that would have only forestalled the inevitable. King Rolf invaded Ledonia a few years later, intending to enslave our kingdom to his greedy whims. The Ruromanni, in their decision to pay tribute to Delphis, instead funded the campaign to take over the continent.

The Ruromanni paid dearly for this mistake. They refused to aid in the invasion of our kingdom, but in doing so, their easternmost village, Igia, was utterly destroyed and razed to the ground, most of its inhabitants slaughtered mercilessly.

King Randal knew he could not defeat the Delphisians on his own so he sent his son, Prince Wolfred, to recruit the Ruromanni in the fight against their common enemy, offering them forgiveness for their earlier breach of conduct. However, the silly council of matrons, a council of old women which rules the savages to the north, refused to enter into the war they helped to start. The prince succeeded only in recruiting a few young, angry warriors from the Ruromanni, a troop of which would fight faithfully at his side throughout the war.

Meanwhile, Randal feared the Valderonans would mire themselves in the war and against Ledonia. To stop this from happening, he accepted an offer of marriage for his son to a princess of Valderon. The princess Rohese and the prince Wolfred were married in a spartan manner in between battles. It was said Wolfred was initially angry his father had set this up, but that when he laid eyes upon the princess he was smitten and therefore bolstered in battle.

A year after the marriage, King Randal was killed in battle with the Delphisians. Prince Wolfred accepted the crown in a tent filled with his supporters. Immediately after, he rode into battle with his Ruromanni auxiliaries and avenged the death of his father in a precise and deadly manner. Many soldiers swore they witnessed in him the hands of Fulke, for how else could he have wrought so much carnage.

Two years later, King Wolfred led his entire army into battle against Delphis amidst the fertile plains, hoping to push them out of his kingdom once and for all. He succeeded, but at great cost to both armies. King Rolf declared a truce after the indecisive battle. A peace treaty was negotiated. Ledonia ceded coin to Delphis and Delphis agreed to withdraw from the continent completely. Both kings were hailed as heroes. The treaty has held for over a decade now and diplomatic relations, however shaky, continue between the two kingdoms.

I feel like I jinxed 2020 at the end of my last post. The world has gone through a lot since then and I hope everyone is taking care and staying safe. I have been busy finalizing everything to do with Daughter of Darkness, and I am excited to announce (if you haven't already seen it on Twitter), that it will be out this Friday, April 17! To celebrate the release, the rest of the series will be discounted. More on that later.

In the meantime, two covers have been redone and interiors re-vamped. Take a look at Awakening and She-Wolf on a Leash. Deranged Doctor Design really worked hard for me and I thank them for all their hard work. I know it wasn't easy with all the extreme measures taking place in their country.


The website has also had a makeover, in case you didn't notice. With that said, if you notice anything wonky, please do let me know! I am only one person and can't catch everything.

Now, onto the Kindle Countdown Deals. From April 17-24th, both From the Darkness Comes and She-Wolf on a Leash will be reduced to $1.99 at Amazon.com and £1.99 at Amazon.co.uk. Don't forget, if you have Kindle Unlimited, my books are always free to read. And look out for Awakening to be FREE around the same time. Exact dates to come.

With that said, I really do hope you are staying safe. I am currently in and out of work and self-isolating when I am not having to go to work. I am lucky to still have a day job and I must admit it gives me a sort of relief to go to work where I can escape from my worries and creeping anxiety that hits me when I am at home. I haven't done much new writing but I still have ideas and things that I do want to start working on whenever I get the will to write again. Once again, take care and stay safe.


P.S. you can pre-order Daughter of Darkness now.

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After a lot of thought, I've decided to re-vamp my not only my covers but the interior of each book. This was such a hard decision for me as I really love the artwork for what I am now calling my first editions. Leticia was able to capture so much of my vision and I will be forever grateful to her. These first editions will still be displayed proudly on my website and elsewhere (Goodreads, etc). However, I felt that I needed to do something to attract new readers. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won't, but at least I tried. And I'll have a few new covers I can be proud of. Deranged Doctor Design really came through for me!

I also said that I would be re-designing my interiors. The paperback editions will be streamlined. I hadn't noticed that my sequel's font was bigger than the first book. This resulted in higher printing costs (bigger font=more pages=$$$) and less money for me. So, I've standardized the look and feel of my series and I think they look great now. As for the kindle versions, I have also redone those entirely. They now look closer to print books in my opinion. And all my initial styling (i.e. italics) are back! It was quite a manual process sometimes (and lots of coding), but I think they look a lot better now. I don't know about you, but I hated the way paragraphs were spaced out and such. Anyway, live and learn, right?

As for Daughter of Darkness, I'm so excited to announce that it will be here soon! I know, still no date yet, but I foresee a March or April release. I want everything to be superb and polished and for that time is needed.

I have plans for another novel, but those are still in the beginning stages. And I guess I will be tinkering with my website a little bit in the upcoming months to match my new look (you might have noticed a few changes already). The new covers and interiors will be rolling out as they're ready. From the Darkness Comes will start it off this week. Here are the new covers (so far) by Deranged Doctor Design:

The year 2020 is looking great!