Monday, April 13, 2020

New Release, New Covers, & Kindle Countdown Deals


I feel like I jinxed 2020 at the end of my last post. The world has gone through a lot since then and I hope everyone is taking care and staying safe. I have been busy finalizing everything to do with Daughter of Darkness, and I am excited to announce (if you haven't already seen it on Twitter), that it will be out this Friday, April 17! To celebrate the release, the rest of the series will be discounted. More on that later.

In the meantime, two covers have been redone and interiors re-vamped. Take a look at Awakening and She-Wolf on a Leash. Deranged Doctor Design really worked hard for me and I thank them for all their hard work. I know it wasn't easy with all the extreme measures taking place in their country.


The website has also had a makeover, in case you didn't notice. With that said, if you notice anything wonky, please do let me know! I am only one person and can't catch everything.

Now, onto the Kindle Countdown Deals. From April 17-24th, both From the Darkness Comes and She-Wolf on a Leash will be reduced to $1.99 at and £1.99 at Don't forget, if you have Kindle Unlimited, my books are always free to read. And look out for Awakening to be FREE around the same time. Exact dates to come.

With that said, I really do hope you are staying safe. I am currently in and out of work and self-isolating when I am not having to go to work. I am lucky to still have a day job and I must admit it gives me a sort of relief to go to work where I can escape from my worries and creeping anxiety that hits me when I am at home. I haven't done much new writing but I still have ideas and things that I do want to start working on whenever I get the will to write again. Once again, take care and stay safe.


P.S. you can pre-order Daughter of Darkness now.

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