Sunday, February 14, 2021

Art Commission: Isbjorg

I've always been amazed at how a person can take my words and make a picture - or in this case, a digital painting. I want to share with you the art I have commissioned over the years while writing The Darkness in the Midst and other works in progress. Sometimes, when I'm feeling stuck, art can keep me going. Enjoy the art and make sure to check out each artist's page. 

There are many artists I had long admired on deviant art and Isbjorg is one of them. Last year, while starting work on a new story, I decided I wanted to see these characters. I saw that Isbjorg's commissions were open and the rest is history. And now, for the first time on the blog, here are two of my new characters:


On the left is Faye. She is the protagonist of my work in progress. On the right is Baleryn, an important supporting character. You will find out a lot more about them in the future. For now, I will just say that Faye and Baleryn are from the duchy of Malandra and their story takes place simultaneously and after Daughter of Darkness. Oh, and Faye is a priestess *of sorts*. ;) 

Aren't they gorgeous? Make sure to check out Isbjorg for more cool art. 

Until next time, 


P.S. I have shared only the watermarked versions because the originals are for my personal use only.

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